Steam Cleaning Versus Dry Cleaning Carpets

It is time to do your spring cleaning and high up on your list is deep cleaning your carpets. You pick up your phone book and the decision who to choose is not as easy as you thought. It turns out some of the Professional cleaners advertise steam cleaning and some advertise dry cleaning so which one is best for you? Let us take a look at the pros and cons of each method.

We will look at steam cleaning first. To start with a professional carpet cleaner that uses the steam method can be in your house for days and you will not see any steam the whole time. A more appropriate term is the warm water extraction method. A special machine applies a jetted stream of warm water and solution directly into the carpet. The machine usually has a long vacuum hose attached to it that goes back to a truck. Having a stronger truck mounted vacuum increases the suction and removes a greater amount of the water and cleaning solution. The less water left in the carpet, the quicker the drying time. This method also tends to leave less solution on the carpet fibre which is good if you have crawling babies or people that have detergent sensitivity. One drawback of this method is not all of the water is removed during this process. Re-soiling of the moist carpet can happen quickly if the carpet does not have time to dry completely.

Dry cleaning is also a misnomer here and should more appropriately be called a very low moisture system. A small amount of moisture is applied along with the dry cleaning agents. Dry Cleaning uses a special machine with brushes that super agitate the carpet fibres to get the desired cleaning effect. The is popular with businesses because of its much shorter drying time than the steam cleaning method. Sometimes a very dilute solvent compound is added to shorten the drying time even further. The drawback to the dry cleaning method is it leaves a lot more residue in the carpet than the steam cleaning method.

Do not be afraid to call a couple of each type of the carpet cleaning professionals and ask them why their method is better. Whichever one you choose you will undoubtedly be left with a much cleaner and much nicer looking and smelling carpet.